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Industries We Serve

Brand Identity Design for Startups and Corporates

Just a logo is not enough to create a brand. Entire Brand Identity of any startup of corporate includes so many items.

Saurashtra Tech specializes in Designing a Complete Brand Identity Solution for Startups and Corporates in following Industries:

  • Mining & Manufacturing Industry
  • Fish & Fish Products Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Automobile and Auto Industry
  • Ceramic & Tiles Manufacturing
  • Cement Manufacturing Industry
  • Agricultural Products Industry
  • Metals & Minerals Mining
  • Textile & Fashion Industry
  • Ball Bearings Manufacturers
  • Brass Parts Manufacturers
  • Chemicals Manufacturing Industry
  • Financial Consulting Industry
  • Engineering Equipments Industry
  • Tourism & Hospitality Industry
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Renewable Energy Companies
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Consumer Products Manufacturers
  • Taxi, Tours & Travels Industry
  • Roads & Infrastructure Builders
  • Plastic & Rubber Parts Industry
  • Sugar Mills Industry
  • Paints & Pigments Manufacturers
  • And a few more...
Plan of Action

Brand Identity Project Plan

Our team of Brand Identity Experts outlines the Brand Identity Project Plan by Ideating, Brainstorming, and Conceptualizing to Make your Brand Identity a Successful one.

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At Saurashtra Tech, we analyze your brand positioning goals, and our in-house marketing and designing team comes up with unique and amazing branding solutions for your business to make an everlasting effect on audience minds.

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Saurashtra Tech offers end-to-end Branding solutions to various types of businesses, as we know the taste of local viewers of Gujarat and India, our team of experts focuses on Branding and Positioning Strategies that leave an everlasting message of your company in unique ways by integrating numerous Branding techniques and solutions.

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Saurashtra Tech was incorporated to help startups and businesses of Saurashtra, Gujarat grow digitally and make a unique brand positioning all over the world. We are equipped with the latest technology with international branding experience, techniques, and ideas to help you create your business to a Brand and Dominate the World.

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Why us?

Why Saurashtra Tech for Brand Identity Designing?

At Saurashtra Tech our Brand Identity Designers make sure that your Brand Identity is not just an impression that is strong, clear, and resonated throughout all aspects of your business prospects. Our experts excel at creating a long-lasting impression in the minds of your Target Audience We strive to give the best solutions to our clients by integrating Saurashtra, Gujarat audience mindset and world-class techniques.

  • Fresh Perspective
  • Unique Strategy & Designing
  • Everlasting Impression
  • Team of Technical and Creative Minds
  • Immortal Business Identity

A few words from our Clients

Our Client’s satisfaction is our Biggest Asset,
we aim to perform more than what the client expects.

Our engagement with Saurashtra Tech lead to revamp our Business into a well-known brand and now we are cherishing the long-term branding benefits

Ajay M.
Managing Director as International Immigration Law Firm

As a new business, we were dedicated to making a difference in the market by building our brand and these guys have done an amazing job to make our company’s unique brand identity

Iqra V.
SaaS Startup Founder
What’s the Process?

Saurashtra Tech’s Brand Identity Designing Process

Our Brand Identity process is Goal oriented while providing international level quality and service, which made us the leading Brand Identity design company in Saurashtra, Gujarat.

Brand Identity Design Process Step-1 Discovery and Branding Plan | Saurashtra Tech
1 Consultancy


Firstly, we take your requirements and your business goals on board to analyze what are you exactly looking for - type of branding, Company positioning, and much more, then our team of marketers, drafts an exemplary strategy to design a couple of marketing and branding plans according to your needs.

Brand Identity Design Process Step-2 Analysis and Ideation, Research | Saurashtra Tech
2 Research

Analysis and Ideation

Then, our experts start the process by research according to your goals, do brainstorming, and discuss various possible Branding strategies for your business with you to get your feedback on it and improvise it accordingly.

Brand Identity Design Process Step-3 Execution Based on Research and Create Brand Identity Design | Saurashtra Tech
3 Business-to-Brand


This is the main part of the process where we plan, ideate, strategies, and execute. Out professionals market accordingly based on the research. Now, after a rigorous brainstorming process, to tested plan is implemented to build a Great Brand Identity for your business.

Brand Identity Design Process Step-4 Management & Positioning, Research and Revision | Saurashtra Tech
4 Revision

Management & Positioning

At Saurashtra Tech, Our Branding Strategies help our client’s company to stand-out in the market. we focus on client satisfaction and we are open to doing any revision for better results and to fit in according to client prospect to make necessary changes and to achieve your Branding Goals.


Frequently Asked Questions Brand Identity Design Services

We have gathered a list of few important FAQs for Brand Identity Design Services asked our by potential clients and existing clients. I hope it will be helpful in making a better decision.

A strong brand identity helps you sell your message to your target audience and provide a lot more benefits for you. A good brand identity can create an everlasting positive mindset in customer’s minds.
It will probably take you several months to build up a widely recognized brand - the sooner you start the better. The time it takes to build a brand is the time it takes your customers to accept your brand values, for example, a Gujarat-based small business is now a world-renowned brand BALAJI wafers, known for its Taste, Quality, and Quantity.
Yes, of course, you can develop your business as a Brand and create your own identity, As I said earlier a brand has a lot of benefits in the market, and it’s a long-term process.
The cost of building a brand varies from company to company, as this process is based on numerous factors, so the cost of Brand Identity Designing can be finalized after analyzing your business and your future goals. Brand Identity Design Starting Price from ₹25,000. You can get in touch with Saurashtra Tech and get a rough idea about your brand identity plan for Free.
Yes, the logo is the face of your brand and a brand needs to have an eye-catching logo to make an everlasting impression on the viewer’s mind.
For small-medium businesses, it’s not compulsory to get a trademark of your brand but we would recommend you to do so, to avoid any future disputes.
Saurashtra Tech’s team of expert professionals with world-class knowledge, experience, and Local know-how will work on your project to make your Business into a Brand.
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