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Industries We Serve

Digital Marketing Solutions for Startups and Corporates

Saurashtra Tech provides Complete Digital Marketing Solution to businesses of Gujarat, India. We don’t calim to be we-know-everything, Our Digital Marketing Expertise are only in following industries.

  • Mining & Manufacturing Industry
  • Brass Parts Manufacturers
  • Automobile and Auto Industry
  • Fish & Fish Products Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Ceramic & Tiles Manufacturing
  • Metals & Minerals Mining
  • Cement Manufacturing Industry
  • Agricultural Products Industry
  • Textile & Fashion Industry
  • Ball Bearings Manufacturers
  • Financial Consulting Industry
  • Chemicals Manufacturing Industry
  • Taxi, Tours & Travels Industry
  • Renewable Energy Companies
  • Engineering Equipments Industry
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Tourism & Hospitality Industry
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Roads & Infrastructure Builders
  • Consumer Products Manufacturers
  • Plastic & Rubber Parts Industry
  • Sugar Mills Industry
  • Paints & Pigments Manufacturers
  • And a few more...
Plan of Action

Digital Marketing Plan

Our Expert Digital Marketers outline the Digital Marketing Paln by Ideating, Brainstorming, and Conceptualizing to Grow Your Business Successfully on Digital Platforms.

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Research & Discovery

We understand your goals and combine them with our marketing techniques by - Using Unique Designs, Brand Placements, Communication Techniques, Marketing Strategy, and Credibility into a unified message to market it to your Potential Customers.

Digital Markting Service Feature Strategize Icon | Saurashtra Tech


Crafting a marketing plan is more complicated than it looks, But we aim to make it as simple as possible to make it look attractive and deliver it to your Target audience and conveys your message, and convert them into your clients.

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Our Digital Marketing Experts believe in developing a marketing strategy in a distinctive approach that is based on with latest trends and we ensure that our marketing campaigns are utmost relatable to your target audience to make your business Viral.

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Why us?

Why Saurashtra Tech for Digital Marketing?

Saurashtra Tech is a trusted Digital marketing agency in Saurashtra, Gujarat and we incorporated with a goal to bring international level online marketing to Gujarat by constantly practicing our organic marketing techniques to come up with unique ideas which can help your business to reach your target audience.

  • Qualified Strategies
  • Powerful Lead Targeting
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Marketing Expertise - Team
  • Analytical Reporting

A few words from our Clients

Our Client’s satisfaction is our Biggest Asset,
we aim to perform more than what the client expects.

Your way of doing Digital Marketing is quite different from other agencies and I can see the traffic and leads, generation growth from a couple of weeks only.

Jafar D.
Founder at Fast Food Restaurant

Great work! The frequent communication and meetings helped a lot, along with weekly analytic and growth reports which were beyond expected,

Bharat C.
IT Products B2B Seller
What’s the Process?

Saurashtra Tech’s Digital Marketing Process

We are dedicated to crafting Most Effective Digital Marketing Solution to generate Traffic to your business and convert them to your clients.

Digital Markting Process Step-1 Planning, Understanding Project | Saurashtra Tech
1 Understand Project


Saurashtra Tech Marketers specializes in understanding your business marketing goals and analyzing your target audience of Gujarat, and plan an amazing digital marketing strategy to maximize your marketing goal with the best quality services.

Digital Markting Process Step-2 Strategizing, Extraordinary Solution | Saurashtra Tech
2 Extraordinary Solution


We at, Saurashtra Tech believe that digital marketing is a long-haul process we strategize various marketing techniques like - Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Community Marketing, Online Reputation Marketing, and many more. We conceptualize and implement outstanding marketing solutions to generate leads and sales growth.

Digital Markting Process Step-3 Test | Saurashtra Tech
3 Improvise


In this 3rd step of the process, we evaluate the marketing strategy by implementing it on a trial basis. Once we have thoroughly checked the marketing strategy, then we move towards mass implementation of our marketing campaign to maximize reach.

Digital Markting Process Step-4 Implement and Customize and support | Saurashtra Tech
4 Lead-to-Sales

Implement and Customize

At Saurashtra Tech, we implement our marketing campaigns and improvise them throughout the campaign journey to deliver the best digital marketing service that can attract millions of viewers and effectively convey your business’s perspective and message to generate leads and maximize results, by using global level marketing services.


Frequently Asked Questions Digital Marketing Services

We have gathered a list of few important FAQs for Digital Marketing Services asked our by potential clients and existing clients. I hope it will be helpful in making a better decision.

Yes, the world is going digital and so does your business needs to be, nowadays everyone is present online and it is the best place to market your business and get traffic and potential clients from the digital space.
Considering digital marketing and ranking, you should make changes to your website as per the digital marketing plan and search engine guideline updates
Content marketing is a part of digital marketing, the organic content you create will be marketed across all necessary platforms to outreach the potential and interested customers for your business products and services.
Yes, it’s highly recommended to have a blog, where we can share things related to our business - updates, news, launch, industry knowledge, etc. it will help your business to enhance its reach and audience.
No one can guarantee the results, as digital marketing is based on various aspects, and numerous variables, However, we can keep a track record of the progress and work accordingly to achieve your digital goals.
As per the digital marketing strategy, the content should be related to the industry in which you are operating.
Saurashtra Tech has an in-house team of industry experts who will be a part of your digital marketing process, this team will involve - Lead Marketing Strategist, Graphic Designer, Social Media Marketer, Content Writer, and Developer as well.
Digital Marketing is a broad concept to market your business online, the service involves many things to promote your business digitally and get a potential audience. The cost starts from ₹4,000 per month and One hour consultation fees ₹1,000.
Digital Marketing is not a one-time process, Digital marketing is like fuel to your business and we insist you keep your fuel inflow running to grow your Gujrat-based business to World, Digitally.
Majorly, every well-known digital platform on the internet can be covered in our digital marketing services, but as per our experience to get the most to benefit out of it we insist on planning a customized strategy for every business as every business is unique and cover the platforms that are feasible and utmost beneficial to your business.
Saurashtra Tech provides you with a progress report every week, these reports will have all the data of the progress, growth reports, and current status, it will be generated from world-class tools like Google Analytics and other in-built insight trackers of social media apps. to keep you updated.
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